Hi! I’m Tamaroa! I’m 6 years old and have my very own bunny rabbit, Ellie. I actually bought Ellie with my own money when I was 5 years old. I take care of her every single day and love having her as my pet. Ellie is a Lionhead Rabbit and has a big mane around her face like a real lion! She’s super cute and furry!

I want to teach everyone how to take care of a bunny on their own and that it is possible for a young kid to own their own pet!

Owning Ellie has taught me a lot of responsibility. I have to feed her every day, give her water every day, and change her litter box every day. But most importantly I have to pet her and love her, otherwise she wouldn’t be as sweet as she is.

I hope you like following me on Facebook and enjoy watching my YouTube videos!

My mommy, Stephanie, is also a blogger so you can follow her at Gathered In The Kitchen! 

Welcome to Sparkle Bunny Cotton Tails!
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